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August 26, 2008


Guillermo Balseiro

Well, poverty is a problem that exists around the world, in so many different ways, with different faces, with different vicims, with different causes and consecuences.

But, actually, poverty is just one and fight against poverty and all the consecuences and the additional problems that poverty brings is not easy.

Fight against poverty involves take more social actions. Fight against poverty is more than a political issue, poverty needs a solution but a real and true one, and that is only possible if we, common people, take actions through foundations, organizations and social works. I know it is not easy for everybody but if people around the world works bravely against te poverty, the problem is going to start to be fixed.

I am doing my social work with my job, and I try to help everyday, I know my job is nothing, but it is a little grain of sand.

Think about it: What are you doing to fight against poverty?

Stephen Donahoe

Great Challenge! One that we all need to think about. And one thing that I have realized is that we could always do more. I think that we are continually called to do more.
-Stephen Donahoe

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