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September 15, 2008


William Bruntrager

Indeed, it was a good walk.

Admittedly, as an economics person, I am skeptical of plans to "help the poor," which are often deeply misguided. Too often, the plans consist of telling people what's good for them, or something much worse, partnering with foreign governments to achieve big goals which remain perpetually unfulfilled.

Talking to you, I became convinced that Outreach International uses neither of those approaches. Your practices I wholeheartedly support: to really improve people's lives, give them control over themselves and their property. Don't restrict anyone's choices on the grounds that you know better than they do what's good for them.

Small-scale reforms make a bigger difference than grand schemes, and the fact that your organization realizes this is what convinced me.

Stephen Donahoe

Thanks William for your response! It was great walking and talking with you the other day. I am glad that you are convinced :)

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