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January 08, 2009



One of my favorite charities got a truckload of supplies through to Gaza today. Mercy Corps delivered a truckload of rice and other food staples for 2,000 hungry Gazans. Mercy Corps plans to distribute blankets, mattresses, pillows and powdered milk to 100 families displaced to UN refugee camps in Jabaliya and Rafah during tomorrow's afternoon cease-fire.
Humanitarian aid needs to be allowed through Israel and into Gaza for more than a three hour window. Many aid organizations have much-needed supplies for people in Gaza that they need to deliver, but three hours is not enough time for all available supplies to be transported into Gaza.


The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is grim and getting worse by the day. Despite significant obstacles, Mercy Corps is getting aid to families who need our help.
On Sunday, staff and volunteers distributed food boxes to 180 families in Khan Younis, and delivered another $7,000 worth of mattresses, blankets, powdered milk and other relief items to families in Rafah.
As Israel announced stepped-up attacks inside Gaza, Mercy Corps continued to distribute emergency aid to families displaced by the fighting.

Stephen Donahoe

I hope aid is continuing to reach Palestinians. They certainly need it.

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