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February 03, 2009


Diane Sadler

Karyn, most excellent reflection on this exciting blog. Obviously Matt has opened dialogue on passionate issues that many are struggling and resonate with. I often think, as much as the church WANTS to act boldly, often cannot/will not because of the fear of capsizing. But how do we follow Christ's teachings and remain true to our calling as prophetic (both leadership & membership) if we are always trying to maintain stability in a safe harbor? Sometimes we lose by moving ahead, but mostly we gain and we become stronger as we grow in new directions. Perhaps the way to do it is Outreach's (and Obama's and Margaret Mead's) way - with a small group of concerned citizens who build relationships of mutuality with little more in common than a desire for justice and a better future. And as you say, with truth & boldness. May we be bold enough to take on the challenge.

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