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February 24, 2009


Stephen Donahoe

Amazing! I am so glad that Obama agrees with Outreach International in so many ways. :) No seriously though it was a great speech and I am glad for your top ten Karyn!

Diane Sadler

It just proves that logical, visionary, compassionate thought can lead to responsive action. I think we'll see a lot of compassionate, wise action in this administration. And hopefully Obama will be the model and encouragement that people need to continue doing good, trusting that a country of moral strength stands behind them.

Thanks for highlighting this for us, Karyn!

Shandra Newcom

I'm reminded of Bob Mesle teaching at Graceland that we need to think and act based on what is best for our (global) children. He taught a philosophy (and theology) of compassion which I see mirrored in Obama's words and actions. Finally!

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