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March 13, 2009


David Brock

Ahhh, this DOES bring back memories of Wilson Airport and the wealthy safari goers in their attire when we were somehow involved with AMREF. Can't remember what that was all about now! And, I'm sure I wore my own OUT OF AFRICA concoctions (inside and out!).

A great reading list. One of my all time favorite quotes about the power of story is from Chinua Achebe's book, ANTHILLS IN THE SAVANNAH (or something like that). I'll have to send it to you at some point. DRB

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Replacing cliche images of a country with more authentic ones is a difficult and long process. The press and television finds it easier to use the old established images rather than make the effort to seek out the truth.

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Free Mike

the bag really blends in with the hat... not ! :)


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it's nice the fashion culture foreigners bring to us nowadays

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One of the major problems that has confronted American society over the last couple of decades in the hyper-partisan atmosphere that is fanned by the 24/7 media. Instead of focusing so much on our differences, we need to celebrate those things that we have in common. If we would only look, it would become very obvious that we have much more in common with most folks than we have differences.

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To a certain extent ,us British do have a bit to answer for.

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Happiness is so hard to define and foolish to define. Am I acting? That's the worst thing you can ask yourself. You can be happy suddenly. It can spring on you, not when you reach a plateau. You can be happy going backward or going down. You can be happy at the loss of something.

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He truly looks like Indiana Jones, funny though. ;p


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