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March 23, 2009



I would like to add "seamstress" or "sewing" to your list of underpaid mostly women.
Sewing is a semi-skilled profession, that is way under paid.
Compare "driving a truck" a MAN'S job and sewing- custom curtains,quilts,auto seats, ect. we are Not given the same "statis" or pay as if a man was doing the job.
Nurses have come a long way = now there are a lot more men entering the feild of nurseing.
My daughter is a nurse, with a stay at home dad (laid off construction worker) He is going bald fast trying to keep up with their 1 and 2 year old children. This is the hardest job he has ever had.
And, for him to go back to work, they need affordable daycare.
The hardest job, that directly affects the overall health of their children, has to be at a low enough pay scale for them to make it worth going to work. So, my daughter, or any woman, will end up forgoing her job to care for what is really important- her children.Because that is how it has always been.

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