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July 19, 2009


mike king

Well Stephen....you're not the only one.... that is too "idealistic" .......many more of the world are so inclined....I have found, in my wanderings through life, that I am returning to my idealism....it helps to have a good leadership....hope that things can be as they should, not as they "have to be" or that we have accept reasoning based on "facing reality".....

It seems to me that we must establish the "ideal" as a real life expectaion and accept compromise off of the ideal, rather than "live with reality" and try to move our thinking up from a already compromised position/thinking.....a life time of living in reality is a depressing thought....our ideals, our hopes are what kindle the flame within us....what nourishes the fellowship of our world....binds our common spirits....

Our inner knowledge of the way things "should be" must be our voiced expression of how we expect things to be, our inner knowledge, must become our standard of measurement for our "ideal reality"....so that the other "ones" around us will see and respond...

Thank you for sharing yours....Mike


Stephen, it looks like you are referring to a representative style government, which, in my opinion shouldn't "take care of" their constituents, but should represent them. A Government isn't a care-giver but an administrative system.

Obviously, government shouldn't be corrupt, but if an official's constituents want the goverment to punish political activists, that's what the official should do.

I guess I'm saying, while it seems cold, I think the dictionary is right. If there is a fault with government, then it is due to the inaction or inatentiveness of its people. In a representative government system, if the elected officials aren't doing what they are supposed to, we're supposed to kick 'em out and put in people who do.

Unfortunately, in the US, the general population is (a) uneducated (b) poor and (c) disengaged. This is a bad combination for a good representative government. But its not "government's" fault - it's the people's fault.

In a democratic society, we truly get the government we deserve.

Stephen Donahoe

Mike, thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom! Let's continue to strive to make the ideal real.

Stephen Donahoe


To some extent, I agree with you. I agree that in a truly democratic society, the people get the government they deserve. However, I disagree that the US has a truly democratic society. In a democratic society, everyone is supposed to have equal access to voting and running for public office. When the average networth of a member of Congress is at least $2.9 million, it is obvious that national office is reserved for a certain group of people. And it is also easy to see how that group of people would find it easy to ignore the needs of the people. (Stat from http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/57139-kerry-issa-harman-most-wealthy-new-kids-of-09-are-rich-kids-too)


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